Don't leave loved ones at the mercy of the instruction manual this Holiday season!
December 19, 2011
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Buying and receiving gifts is wonderful, but struggling with the resulting manuals, wires and settings is not! For some people this can take hours, days or never happen at all for busy people!

We can take care of that unpleasant task for you or a loved one and we love doing it so you will always get our greatest care and attention! This makes a great gift for someone or for yourself. Best of all we're available throughout the Holiday season, so here are some stress-relieving services:

iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and smartphone set up and coaching

  1. Unpacking the device, setting it up and connecting it to your home Internet. Configuring it to send and receive email.
  2. Coaching on how to use email, Internet services and how to download and use apps.
  3. Coaching on taking photos, movies, listening to music and any other questions you may have.

Apple Mac and Windows PC computers

  1. Unpacking the computer, setting it up and getting it connected to your home Internet.
  2. Downloading the latest Mac or Windows updates and registering the computer so it is ready to use.
  3. Installing essential software like anti-virus and Flash so you can browse the Internet safely. Setting up Skype and Netflix.

Games consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Wii or handheld system)

  1. Unpacking and connecting the game system to your TV, home theater system and home Internet
  2. Downloading the latest software from the Internet so the console is ready to use
  3. Setting up Netflix and the necessary online gaming services like Xbox Live for online play

Call Neil at TheONbutton on 919-695-3899 for pricing and availability!

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