What's Going ON? Apple TV, Google Glass and Windows 8
May 5, 2013
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Apple TV and Roku

The Roku that TheONbutton donated to yesterday's Paws4Ever charity auction sold for almost the full retail price! There were many curious onlookers who hadn't seen one before, so here is some more info. Did you know that more than 30% of evening Internet usage in the US is from people watching Netflix? My two favorite ways of watching Netflix on a TV are to use an Apple TV or Roku. These are perfect partners for a flat screen TV. Roku gives you access to Pandora radio and Amazon videos, while Apple TV can display photos wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad and connect to your iTunes account for movie rentals. Both can play shows in digital surround sound and high definition.

Google Glass inspires privacy concerns

An upcoming wearable product from Google is worrying privacy advocates. The product, called Google Glass, is worn like eye glasses and projects an image for the wearer that can display email notifications, maps and other Internet based information. Google Glass also has a camera, which has raised privacy concerns about wearers snapping photos, videos or audio recordings at any time without consent. One developer has already added the capability for Glass wearers to shoot a photo simply by winking. Google Glass is currently only available to a limited number of developers and journalists; expect a heated public debate if these become generally available!

Managing access times to the Internet for kids

I am regularly asked how to manage Internet acceess for kids to keep a handle on the amount of time devoted to school work compared to Internet leisure time. There are parental controls built into Mac and Windows computers, as well as programs such as NetNanny that will assist with this. Some home network routers can also be set to completely block one or more specific computers from going online at certain times of the day. I recently did this for a family using an Apple Airport wireless router, and many Linksys routers also have this capability. 

iPhone and iPad GMail apps

GMail is a popular free email service with advanced searching and filing features which many of us enjoy. Google recently created a GMail app for the iPhone and iPad that gives full access to GMail's advanced features. Using the app, you can send emails with your regular GMail signature as if you were sitting at your computer, fully search your mailbox and make use of labels. Highly recommended for any GMail user and available in the App Store.

Make better use of time with podcasts

Podcasts are free news, comedy or feature shows that you can listen to on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Most modern cars have an audio connection for smartphones and this is a great way to make use of time on your commute. My favorite podcast apps are Podcruncher for the iPhone and Doggcatcher for Android. Both of these store your favorite weekly shows for easy download and make searching for new titles a breeze. The iPhone also has a free podcast app called...Podcasts! All three apps include ways to search the world of podcasts; you'll find broadcasts from NPR, Bloomberg and a wide range of others.

Windows 8 touchscreen laptop prices now more affordable

If you're excited about using a touchscreen laptop then now may be the time to take the plunge. I've been using a touchscreen Windows 8 laptop for the past six months and I'm on the fence about whether the touchscreen is actually useful as a productivity tool on a laptop. But the touchscreen is a fun addition and if you're interested then take a stroll through your local electronics store and give them a try!

Neil Berman, Helper-in-Chief, TheONbutton

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